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Money can be the hardest thing in the world, or the easiest.
It all depends on how you approach it.

Sure, you could keep paying interest to the credit card companies every month for things you bought years ago.

You could keep praying for a surprise inheritance from a distant relative you didn’t know you had.

You could work until you’re 99 because you don’t have enough savings to retire.

Or you could get on your way to escaping high-interest debt, finally start that cushy nest egg, and set yourself up for REAL financial freedom

– and dare I say it… financial JOY!

No matter how bad your situation might seem
or how confused and overwhelmed you feel about money,
you can turn it around.

“ I was really floundering with my finances. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Belinda gave me loads of information to get me transforming my financial situation. I no longer internalize money issues as black marks. It’s just something to work through. ”


If you’ve ever felt bad or guilty about money,
there are FOUR things you can’t go one more day without knowing.

When you learn the secrets about money, not only does more money come in,
but other things start flowing, too.

Yes, when you feel abundant about your bank statement, you feel abundant about life! And you don’t even have to be good at math to get there – you just need to know what to do.

No one is born knowing how to handle money like a pro.

Ever felt like everyone else has money figured out but you? You’re not alone. Most of us have never been taught even the basics, like how to keep spending down, stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, or where is the best place to stash your money. (Hint – it’s not under your mattress or even your savings account.)

“Money” – the mindset, the details, the numbers, knowing the right action steps
& when to take them – all can be taught.

Even for you if you’re a “tough” case, and when you have the right teacher who explains the facts clearly AND understands the emotional side of money, you can go beyond just learning…to being inspired!

Procrastination is deadly.

Ever heard the phrase “It’s expensive to be poor?” You end up paying more interest because you can’t pay down debt, you pay higher interest because your credit is bad, you settle for poor quality things you have to replace more often, and you don’t spend money on things that would increase your health, confidence, and ultimately, your net worth. The longer you wait, the more money you waste, misplace, or lose out on making altogether.

Maybe you think it’s not that bad.

You seem to have enough every month to pay your bills on time and cover your basic needs, but the reality is you haven’t learned how to have an honest look at your money, so you’re flying solo and you’re flying blind. It’s just a matter of time before you crash.

“ Life was pretty darn good…except I always seemed to be a hiccup away from debtor’s prison. I seemed to have a belief that money either blocked the flow or when it flowed in, it flowed right back out, and I wanted to change that belief. Well, Making Money Joyful is just what it advertised: I changed my belief and became a responsible manager. ”


Here’s one BIG mistake that I see all the time…

Most people are losing money every day.

It could be money in late fees, penalties, interest on credit cards, lost income, unconscious spending, money owed to you… the list goes on.

They also spend money emotionally to feel better about themselves.

(Often on things that they can’t fully enjoy because they’re so stressed about everything else in life!) Just between theses two common (and often unconscious) behaviors, it’s common to see $1,000 slip away every month. One year later, that’s $12,000. As you know, it adds up, so five years later you’re looking at $60,000, gone.

That hurts. 

Factor in what you could have if you stopped your money leaks and lost income,  and instead knew how to save that money with interest, you’re missing out on an average of $72,000 in just 5 years.

Down payment on a house? $10,000 in the bank?

You could be out of debt. Completely.

I know how hard it can be to face the panic that comes up when dealing with numbers so big they don’t seem real, so you wonder what’s even the point. In fact, I’m convinced there’s a certain kind of sweat that comes only from the deep rooted, physical stress that money can bring.

Here’s what I know about getting out of denial… Yes it may hurt. It may even sting.

But only for a second.

You can go from living with that pit of stress in your belly
to having a healthy, positive, and easy relationship to money
when you learn the right strategies!

“ I felt trapped and really lost in my financial madness. I was desperate for a way to get out and gain control instead of being controlled. Belinda gave me this and I’m excited about getting my life on track! ”


The sooner you start, the easier it will be,
especially when you have a trusted guide.


It’s a groundbreaking approach to go from certain death with your financial future…
to lighting the path to financial happiness.

Yes, “certain death” is a strong term. But that’s exactly what happens when even smart people stay unaware, in denial, or put off learning what it means to be in control of their money.

That’s why Making Money Joyful was created.

To give you the real, time-tested foundational skills around money that no one can afford to go without. These secrets are what every single financially healthy person already knows. Now it’s your turn to know them, too.

You’ll learn to break your old money patterns that keep you at a low-level panic,

UNDERPAID (ugh!) and unhappy…

to instead being someone who not only has money, but knows exactly what to do with it.

  • You can feel excited – even giddy – when you think and look at your bank account.

  • You can have enough money to effortlessly pay monthly bills, handle unexpected surprises, have your dream vacation, and finally say YES to being the real you.

  • You can make confident and wise financial decisions that get you debt-free, increase your income, save more, and feel how good it is to have your money handled.

  • And it can be easy when you can get help from an expert who can guide you. (And make it fun!) Someone who can tell it like it is and help you understand money so that it finally makes sense.

Making Money Joyful | Belinda Rosenblum

Hi, I’m Belinda. For more than fifteen years, I’ve worked with thousands of women and couples to conquer their underlying money issues, so they can use money to fund the dream life they really want.

It’s taken years of high-level study, psychological analysis, in-the-trenches experience, and structured engineering to develop my proprietary system that YOU will actually LOVE using.

I know you don’t have a lot of time (or 20+ years like I spent!) to figure this out. That’s why I made this class packed with tools, tips, and action steps…and it’s set up to be super efficient.

“Belinda Rosenblum, you certainly have helped me become a warrior instead of a worrier around my finances! It’s so freeing and empowering to shine the light on all aspects of my finances (and in all the dreaded boxes of “I’ll deal with it sometime later” paperwork!) It’s so empowering to have all the information. I’ve discovered that some of the areas I most dreaded and procrastinated getting the $$ facts around, have often turned out to be in much better order than I had imagined. There’s such freedom and power when you Own Your Money! I refer to Belinda Rosenblum as my “money wizardess”! If you haven’t taken any of her programs, or gotten private coaching with her, you should! She brings such a warmth and safety to her coaching, making it so much easier to get real around such a stressful and often “loaded” subject. I highly recommend her! Thank you Belinda Rosenblum!”

Susan Jenkins
Susan Jenkins

I actually know quite a bit about this avoiding habit…

I was an Accounting major from a top university, and I still went through an avoidance phase that could have financially crippled me and my family.

When my father had a debilitating stroke, I was left to figure out our family’s finances at the tender age of 21. I had a job, a long-distance boyfriend, and a dad in a nursing home who was counting on me to take care of the $8,000+ monthly nursing home bill, 2 mortgages, and 8 different bank accounts to keep track of all the money.

But I didn’t have the time – or rather, make the time – to take care of the bills. Guess what? The bills didn’t magically disappear. I avoided looking at those bills for so long that the whole situation was like a messy child’s room – such an overwhelming, daunting mess that I didn’t know where to begin to sort it all out.

Shame and fear took over. How could I have let this happen? How could I ever dig myself out?

I felt owned by my money, instead of me owning it.

If I didn’t learn how to stop avoiding all of this, my credit would suffer, my savings would shrivel, and my father could even get kicked out of his nursing home. The realization hit me hard.

But I also realized that nobody would keep me from financial ruin but me.

I made a choice to stop avoiding. I finally started taking steps.

I eventually figured out
how to get out of that dark place.

And it sparked a passion in me
to help other people get out too.

I knew that I didn’t want other people to suffer needlessly the way I had. So I studied, researched, and interviewed hundreds of people to develop a solution.

Since I learned the secrets behind these principles, my expertise has been in high-demand.

I’ve hosted my own TV show and radio show, and am a member of the National Speakers Association. I am often called on as the financial guru for Boston’s ABC, NBC, and FOX networks, Yahoo!Finance, WomenEntrepreneur.com, Inc.com, smartMoney.com, Mint.com, Univision.com, and even the Encyclopedia Britannica!

My esteemed corporate client list includes:

Harvard Business School, BNY Mellon, MA Conference for Women, McGraw-Hill & Companies, Association of Administrative Professionals, the Bryant University Women’s Summit, and Bentley University.

I don’t tell you this to brag.
I tell you this because it is my sole passion
and purpose to help you…
because I know when you own YOUR money,
You own YOUR life.


What do we do in Making Money Joyful? The name says it all!

Ever wonder why bankers and other financial professionals have more money than most?

It’s because they understand money and know how to spend it, save it, LOVE IT, and make it grow.

Not everyone is meant to have a career in money, but we all must learn to work with money everyday, or else it can take us down – hard. You’ll get guidance and direction to GET and STAY in action.

Making Money Joyful is an 8-week multimedia training program
that teaches you how to stop avoiding your money
so you earn more, keep more, and quit making common money mistakes.

Via downloadable audios, videos, worksheets, and more, you’ll learn to love your money and what it can do to support the better life you deserve.

This is the foundation you need to know before you can get off the hamster wheel of “just getting by”… and create real wealth.

The entire course is designed to help you succeed – especially if you are super busy.

In Eight Weeks, You’ll Learn…

  • How to STOP feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or fearful of your finances so that you no longer have to say “I can’t afford it” with family and friends.

  • Grow your confidence so you can get more clients, ask for that raise, and move forward instead of wasting valuable energy hiding or covering up for what you’re avoiding. With the right mindset, you can take those bold steps that put you ahead!

  • The not-so-scary way to face the numbers, end that nagging feeling (AND THE GUILT) and LOVE the new-found power and peace of mind you have knowing everything is under control.

  • Pro Tips to handle unexpected expenses as they arise… without the stress and anxiety – so you can get on with your life quickly and easily instead of taking months to recover.

  • How to break the habits that are keeping you running in place so you can easily fund both your necessities and your luxuries. (Yes, sometimes that new handbag is a necessity.)

  • The exact right steps to attract and hold onto more money so that you can afford what you want, when you want it, no matter what.

Here’s a full breakdown of what you’ll learn each week:

Week 1: Get Started

We’ll get honest about your current approach to money
with no judgment, no shame, and no blame.

This is a strictly positive environment! Once you start, you’ll LOVE what you’re accomplishing. You’ll finally step out of the belief that money is bad or scary and you’ll be able to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You might even become addicted to the results as you give yourself the foundation to stay in action for years.

  • Know your style. This helps you understand why you’ve developed your current patterns. . . then you have the power to make different choices.

  • Learn the truth about money. If money really was just a piece of paper, it’d be easy. But it’s more than that. It affects what you are able to do, where you are able to go, and who you are able to be. When you realize how far your money choices ripple into the other areas of your life, it’ll light a fire under your butt to start making changes NOW.

  • Get fired up about your mission! Is your mission to set your kids up for college? Save 10% of your income so you can have a year of living expenses? Buy those shoes that make you feel like a goddess? Get paid more doing work you love? All of it? You got it. I’ll show you the first step to set it up.

Week 2: Own Your Money, Own Your Life

Learn the essential things that need to be on your financial To-Do list.
Missing even one of these key components can set you back years…
but knowing them puts you in charge!

  • Prioritize what to do, when, and why. Instead of facing a huge task like, “Manage My Finances,” we’ll break your list into smaller, bite-sized chunks. You’ll learn to prioritize your spending so that you have plenty of money for fun!

  • End your procrastination. You’ll learn tried and true steps to go from that nail biting dread to infectious excitement as you blaze through your To-Do list..

  • Make confident decisions. Indecision is the single biggest thing that poisons would-be financial rock stars. Learn to make decisions quickly so you can keep moving and free up mental energy to spend on other things you love. Because pssst… Taking ownership of your money allows you to take ownership of your life!

Week 3: Action Week

This is your first Action Week! You’ll receive a video from me highlighting the key takeaways and extra implementation hacks. You’ll then have the entire week to catch up on everything you’ve learned so far AND make a real dent on your own items the you’ve been wanting to make progress on.

Week 4: Repeatable Habits and Behaviors

Good habits pay off big! When you get off the hamster wheel of “just getting by,” you can reap big rewards like working less hours, more downtime, better vacations, and improved relationships because you’re more present and no longer stressed out all the time.

  • Create new, healthy habits. Sink into the real talk about how habits are formed, how to change them, and how to make your new habits fun and easy. Learn these proven techniques and before you know it, you’ll love your To-Do list!

  • Have your habits work for you. You’ll learn to rethink how you’ve been doing things so you can leverage your time and energy and make things way easier.

  • No more deprivation. Never feel like you have to sacrifice your lifestyle over your future. You’ll be able to make new spending choices without feeling like you’re depriving yourself. Instead, you’ll feel in control and confident that you’re supporting your new life each time you make a decision.

Week 5: Action Week

By now you’ve made MAJOR strides and are doing some of the bravest work of your life. Let’s keep that rockstar momentum going. During this Action Week, you have an easy 3 step challenge to help you implement those new behaviors – and even a special gift for completing it. Look at you, being all boss-like with your life and your money (and being rewarded for it)!

Week 6: Who is On Your Dream Team?

The late Jim Rohn said, “We are the sum total of the five people we spend the most time with.” Yet most of us don’t have the support system we really need or understand the difference it would make for our success.

  • Know who’s on your team. You may have friends, family members, or colleagues who have contributed to your procrastination and “stuckness” in the past. It’s okay. I’m not expecting you to drop all of your friends. But there are things you can do to make sure they support you, rather than keep you stuck.

  • Define your support system. There are certain MUST HAVE characteristics to look for in your dream team. I’ll tell you what kinds of people will help jumpstart your success AND how to get them on your team without spending a dime.

  • Learn accountability. Add this one thing to your routine and get 10x the results you’ve been getting so far. Really. You’ll be amazed at how much more you get done when you have the right person holding you accountable.

Week 7: Action Week

Here’s your chance to implement everything you’ve been learning. (And do some well-deserved celebration!) Via video, I’ll go back over the key points we’ve been covering, give you some new secrets to best leverage your learning, and give you the entire week to get all of those action steps finished.

Week 8: Next Steps

Week 8 is all about how you can break through bigger and further to the next level. The shifts you’ve just made have the power to change your entire financial future. . . which, in turn, changes the future of your entire life. Learn how to build on and leverage this newfound foundation to fast-track your savings, earn more income, and actually enjoy your money without guilt. Let’s keep going to where it REALLY gets good.

So you feel fully supported to take action,
you’ll also get…


LIVE Q&A Calls
AND Access To The Q&A Vault

$399 VALUE

Have a question about your unique situation that you can’t seem to figure out? I’ve got you covered. You’ll get 2 LIVE Q&A calls where you can ask me anything you ever wanted to know about money but were too scared/panic ridden/in denial to ask! These special calls happen during each month of your program. Plus, you’ll get access to past Q&A sessions where you can hear my answers to the questions you don’t even know you have yet!


Lifetime Access to the
Private Money Making Programs Forum

$499 VALUE

The community in this program is lively, encouraging, and most of all, they GET IT. You’ll be able to share your questions and celebrate your actions, plus hear back from both your peers and me directly on what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can keep up your new positive relationship with money.


Gifts and more gifts!


We reward action! As you complete the assignments and post your progress, we mail or email you gifts along the way to keep you motivated, engaged, and taking action. This won’t be another “shelf-help” (courses you buy that sit on your shelf)!

Plus, when you enroll,
you’ll also get this special add-on bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: Money Joy: A One-On-One Breakthrough Call With Belinda Rosenblum

    $499 VALUE
    Available for a Limited Time!

    This is a private call, just you and me. . . And it’s all about you. My entire focus will be on YOUR specific situation. In this private session, you’ll be able to ask your personal and confidential questions without any fear, embarrassment, or judgment. We’ll talk about what has gotten in your way in the past, and what your specific best steps are to move forward. Trust me: there’s nothing quite like speaking with an expert coach to clear up your confusion, restore your confidence, and get you on the move.

  • BONUS #2:  Advanced Training to Get Organized… And pay less taxes!

    $299 VALUE
    Available for a Limited Time!

    Set yourself up for more tax deductions and more peace of mind once you create a streamlined receipts and statements system.

“The mere thought of starting to track & organize my mail, paperwork & cash flow totally overwhelmed me. I can’t even begin to tell you the power it’s brought back into my life, even with growing my business. I’ve had amazing opportunities come my way. It is directly related to paying attention to my money every day. It’s true what Belinda says… You really CAN feel joyful about money. I wasn’t quite a believer before the program. I wanted to believe it, but it wasn’t my current reality. This program truly inspired me to just do it! Within two months of completing the Make Money Joyful program, I doubled my revenue from January to February, and then doubled that from February to March! Now I’m doing $10k+ a month. THANK YOU!!!”

Dana Chapman
Dana Chapman

You might be thinking… Belinda, that’s great – I’m going to buy that when I have more money, when I’m not so busy, when things aren’t so crazy at work, when I’m not nursing, when I’m not on a deadline…

Here’s the truth that I see dealing with people and their money every single day. The situation isn’t getting better. But it is likely getting worse.

By not dealing with this NOW, you’re losing income right this minute AND you’re throwing money away by staying in the dark.

How much more could you make this year if you got that promotion or finally got your side business going? This class will! light! a fire! under! you!

Just like it has for hundreds of others who get to enjoy not only more money, but more confidence – which as you know breeds even more money.

If you think that you don’t have the money, think again. You spend at least $100 a week on one night of cocktails and dinner (or whatever your version of letting go and “treating” yourself is).

If you truly want a world filled with financial freedom,
abundance, and joy, come build it with me.

I want today to be the day that you
look at your money in a whole new way.

Getting out of avoidance is the foundation
to my whole coaching practice.

It’s why I created my flagship Making Money Joyful program –
to help you end the avoiding, get into action,
and fund that dream life now.

What some happy clients have said…

“I was in credit card debt and was scared to even look at the statement. I didn’t know what to do. We are not trained to deal with money issues in society; that’s why more than 50% of people are struggling or in debt.” “With the MMJ program, I received guidance on how to look at my situation fearlessly and take action! Because of this many things happened in just 30 days! I implemented a new group coaching program that made me $4000, my rental house got rented($855/month), and I got over my fear of being in Debt!”

Jamie Alcone
Jamie Alcone

“Thank you Belinda for taking the scary out of money!”

Dyrene Bell
Dyrene Bell

“My favorite part about the course was the realization that there had never really been any joy in my family about money, and knowing that I could choose differently for myself and my children. I chose to put the JOY into my money and my life. I also gained a huge amount of peace around my money and clarity on my day-to-day finances, which has opened the door to me being more creative about my spending, saving and creating money in my life.

When I joined Making Money Joyful, I felt part of something bigger, which was just what I needed. I was no longer tackling our family money on my own. The group all facing the same things together helped me to feel supported as I took action and made the changes I needed to make in my own situation.

If you are in a blur, and you’ve been doing everything you think you should have been doing but have not yet seen the results, then work with Belinda–and let yourself reap the rewards you deserve!”

Caroline Manning
Caroline Manning
Testimonials | Making Money Joyful | Belinda Rosenblum

Making Money Joyful is the perfect blend of “do it on your own” time PLUS “do it with you.” There is A LOT of material here – you won’t be disappointed! – and it is all presented in a doable step-by-step way.

After years of running this program, I’ve continually refined it so you won’t feel overwhelmed. That’s because this isn’t something you buy and we just say buh-bye.

You get ongoing support for two full months because I truly want to see you succeed. We even have a support team standing by to help you with any of it!

To sum up, join now and get…

  • Making Money Joyful Multimedia Training Program
    Downloadable access to 8-weeks of step-by-step content (MP3 audios, transcripts, workbooks, videos, checklists, and templates) – perfect to have on hand while taking the program or for whenever you need a refresher, inspiration, or a kick in the pants to get back into gear. ($1999 VALUE)

  • Support # 1 – LIVE Q&A Calls
    Have a question about your unique situation that you can’t seem to figure out? We’ve got you covered. You’ll get LIVE Q&A calls where you can ask me anything you ever wanted to know about money but were too scared/panic ridden/in denial to ask! I’ll be on the line with you, in a safe environment where you can talk to me about anything that may be tripping you up. ($399 VALUE)

  • Support #2 – Lifetime Access to the Private Money Making Programs Forum
    Have a question you need the answer to immediately or feel that pile of unopened bills weighing on your mind (and your heart)? Connect with other people in the group who are on-fire about taking action to share your challenges and questions, as well as your celebrations, wins, and joys. ($499 VALUE)

  • Support #3 – Gifts and more gifts!
    We reward action! As you complete the assignments and post your progress, we mail or email you gifts along the way to keep you motivated, engaged, and taking action. This won’t be another “shelf-help” (courses you buy that sit on your shelf)! ($99 VALUE)

  • BONUS – Money Joy: A One-On-One Breakthrough Call With Belinda
    (Available for a Limited Time!): This is a private call, just you and me. . . And it’s all about you. My entire focus will be on YOUR specific situation. Ask your personal and confidential questions without any fear, embarrassment, or judgment. We’ll talk about what has gotten in your way in the past, and what your specific best steps are to clear up your confusion, restore your confidence, and support you to move forward. ($499 VALUE)

Your Investment

If you add up the total value of this entire program, it’s $3495.

Try it out with our 100% Risk Free My Personal “Make-You-Happy” Guarantee

But I want to take away any shred of hesitation you may have because I want this information in your hands, putting more money in your wallet, today.

That’s why I’m making this 8 week program and all the bonuses affordable and available to you.

Similar programs run for $2000 and up.
Private coaching with me starts at $7000.

Making Money Joyful is an affordable way to work with me and get this expert guidance.

Enrollment is only $697, or you can get started with our payment plan for only $187 today!

Making Money Joyful Multimedia Training Program

4 Payments of $187 (14 days apart)

Pay in Full $697

You get the best deal when you pay in full (Save $50).

We have been doing this class for 3 years and our results are proven,
so let’s get you moving!

Making Money Joyful with Belinda Rosenblum

Yes, Belinda! I’m ready to stop worrying about money,
save more, make more, and make it joyful!

If your mind starts telling you that money is an obstacle, PLEASE. Don’t let it stop you like it has so many times in the past.

Instead, take a moment. Let yourself feel what it will be like when don’t have to wonder whether or not you can afford basic things that will improve your life dramatically.

Use that as motivation to take the class, and never let money stop you from getting what you want and need again!

I know it can take a leap of faith to spend money when it’s already tight, but when you take me up on my offer, you’re making a smart investment that will pay for itself – for some it will be a hundredfold; others will get an even bigger bang for their buck. It’s happened many, many times for past participants.

In fact, some people have put what they learn in this course to use and are suddenly motivated to take one action that makes them $500 and voila! The course has paid for itself within the first week!

And that’s just the beginning…

“Before Making Money Joyful, I was afraid to look at our business finances for any length of time because whenever I did it seemed like bad news. I had a lot of grief and even panic over the fact that most of the time our money was spent before we even collected it. I did not know what to do to change that picture and felt like I had no choice.”

“After Making Money Joyful, I doubled the cost of my largest contract and was able to hire another person to help me with delivering the work. I also collected over $10k in outstanding debt owed to the business. I feel like for the first time ever in my life I understand where our business money is coming from and which clients/jobs we’re better off saying ‘no’ to. I’ve learned how to manage spending and saving to ‘close the leaks’ where money was flowing out with no benefit to us. If you are willing to get a little uncomfortable for a little while for the sake of learning how to be truly happy with your finances for the rest of your life, then you are in the right place.”

Margaret Aranyosi
Margaret Aranyosi

I noticed that I have avoided my money for quite a few years and that it was about time to claim responsibility and take some action to pay my debt off. I know now that I can handle my debt, that I don’t need to be ashamed of it, and that there are gorgeous people who are absolutely willing to help me keep going. But most important was the awareness that I do not need to be ashamed or get emotional about money. It really is just money.

Sonja Viehmeyer
Sonja Viehmeyer

Try it out 100% Risk Free
My Personal “Make-You-Happy” Guarantee

I’m confident that if you work this program, the program will work for you – just like it’s worked for hundreds of others. But if for any reason that’s not the case, I’m giving you Money Back Guarantee 30 days to test-drive the program.

This gives you a full month to try out the modules, Q&A call, and take action to achieve results.

This program works if you actually do it. So if you ask for a refund, we’ll send you questions to show us you’ve been participating in the program. Assuming you answer the questions correctly, you’ll get a FULL refund.

It’s time to transform your relationship with money.

That’s what you’ll learn in Making Money Joyful. I can teach anyone how to get ahead. (Yes, even you in the back who’s thinking of giving up because you’re so far behind.) But only when you decide to learn the skills to make powerful money decisions. This is the way to get out of crushing debt, pad your savings, and earn more money – which I’m guessing you want since you’re reading this!

Excited? Me too! Let’s get your money handled…and get you doing the happy dance!

MMJ is about making money joyful but I think it is also about truly opening up to allow for the money flow. Allowing for the natural flow of giving and receiving. Being honest with yourself and in turn others can be open enough to be honest back.

And of course I love the financial wins journal because even me with a very small income (at the time) am somehow manifesting BIG wins, with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for what it is I already have. I am soooo grateful for this forum and the positive ways that it has affected my life, thank you for allowing me to share and celebrate the wins!!

Janell Pineda
Janell Pineda

I was so EXCITED listening to these modules while driving. They are completely and totally inspirational. They are chuck full of valuable information. Belinda…you are an amazing individual and I am blessed to have found your programs.

Peggy Davalt
Peggy Davalt

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